Best Cruelty Free Xmas presents

Christmas is a magical time of the year where you get to spend quality time with family and friends, enjoy festive activities, and indulge in plenty of Christmas treats. A big part of Christmas is also finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. For some people, the giving season can be the most difficult time of year to stick to an ethical lifestyle. Fortunately, buying cruelty free gifts doesn’t have to be difficult. There is now a great selection of vegan gifts available that are sure to impress your loved ones without harming animals. To help you find the perfect gift this Christmas, here are some of the best cruelty free Xmas presents.

Vegan beauty products

Unfortunately, many popular beauty brands continue to test their products on animals. The harsh reality of this is that thousands of animals are being tortured and killed in laboratories around the world – all in the name of vanity and beauty. The good news is that testing on animals is no longer necessary. There are thousands of ingredients that have already been proven to be safe without the need to test on animals. There is therefore no reason to support any beauty brand who continues to abuse animals, especially when there are so many fantastic alternatives available. One great gift idea for the beauty fanatic in your life is a pair of cruelty free false eyelashes. Fake lashes are one of the most popular beauty accessories on the market and for good reason! They are super easy to apply, enhance your features, and give you a beautiful, glamorous look in seconds – making them the perfect accessory for the party season! You can now find an excellent selection of vegan false eyelashes. This includes our popular range of luxury faux mink lashes that look and feel just like real mink lashes, without causing any harm to animals.

Tickets to Cirque Du Soleil

According to PETA, Cirque Du Soleil is an animal-free circus that is renowned around the world for its mesmerising shows. Tickets to this exciting, cruelty free show could the perfect vegan gift this Christmas, as there are performances taking place throughout the UK in 2020. Unfortunately, many circuses are not so ethical. It is common for animals being forced to complete unnatural tasks like riding bicycles or jumping through rings of fire. Often, these animals are kept in extremely poor conditions and are subject to extreme violence and suffering behind the scenes. For that reason, we recommend only visiting animal-free circuses, like the famous Cirque Du Soleil. PETA adds – “That way, you can enjoy the antics of clowns and acrobats who have chosen to become entertainers – which is far more fun than watching unhappy animals forced to perform against their will.”

Cruelty free chocolate hamper

There is a common misconception that vegans have to miss out on tasty treats like chocolate and ice cream. For that reason, many people find it difficult to stick with a vegan lifestyle over the festive period. However, being vegan over the holidays shouldn’t be difficult as there is now an amazing variety of vegan chocolate on the market. This means you can treat your friends and family this Christmas, without supporting an industry that harms animals. For instance, Hotel Chocolat has an award-winning vegan chocolate range that includes advent calenders, chocolate spreads, liquors, and plenty of other tasty festive treats. A Hotel Chocolat hamper could make the perfect gift for any animal-lover this Christmas. You can also find plenty of fantastic vegan chocolates and sweets by visiting

Vegan subscription box

When you buy a subscription to a vegan box, the recipient will receive a package each month filled with exciting vegan treats like cruelty free cosmetics, skincare, and chocolate. Vegan Kind offers a subscription box that is arguably the most popular on the market. You can choose between the lifestyle box (i.e. tasty treats) and the beauty box (containing items like vegan skincare). You can also customise your delivery schedule. So, you can choose to have a box delivered to your loved one once a month, or just have a single box delivered on Christmas. Gifting your loved one with a subscription box will help keep the magic of Christmas alive all year round, and will also allow them to test a huge variety of vegan, cruelty-free products.


As you can see, there is a great selection of cruelty free Christmas presents available – from vegan false lashes and ethical skincare to animal-free circus shows and non-dairy chocolate. With a bit of creativity, it’s easy to stick with your ethical lifestyle during th

e Christmas period and treat your family and friends without supporting animal cruelty.



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