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Hi everyone, welcome to Honey Bunny Lashes! You know the products, now get to know the owner…

When a passion for animals and beauty had a fabulous collision, Honey Bunny Lashes was born. A lover of animals great and small (but also a lover of huge lashes) Lia decided to fuse her greatest loves and produce the ultimate cruelty free lashes. Here is a bit more about the person behind the brand:


Hi I’m Lia, serial entrepreneur and 15 years vegan. With a collection of over 100 false lashes and three previous business under my belt, there came the time when I just had to bring together the biggest loves of my life (lashes, animals and business)! All of the faux mink lash brands I bought from also supplied mink lashes, and I didn’t want to give to companies that also bought up animal fur.  I wanted to create a 100% cruelty free lash brand, that was also stunning, realistic and luxurious.  We spent a long time researching the most high-tech mink replica lashes, scouring the globe for the perfect pairs, and I am so happy to bring them to you today!

Luxury Lashes

Our signature products, the highest quality and the closest you can get to mink fur lashes, for unparalleled ethical luxury.  Glamour needn’t compromise ethics, with our Honey Bunny premium products, you can have both!

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